Reasons for Modifications of CPA Exam Blueprints

Every year, the AICPA makes updates and publishes the CPA Exam Blueprints. Sometimes, the updates are done twice in a year. The Exam Blueprint is a document that explains the things tested on the CPA Exam, skills, tasks, and each content topic. The changes approved by AICPA to the CPA Exam, basically, include the alteration of pre-existing sections, addition of new topics, and sometimes, removing older ones.

Surgent CPA Review makes efforts to get the Blueprint for each exam section, early, seeing that it details the minimum level of knowledge and skills that would be needed to pass the exams. Read up on recent CPA Exam updates, which would take effect as of July 1.

The Blueprints updates do not, usually, affect the scope of the contents that would be tested during exams. However, it gives clarity on what to be expected during each exam.

Why does CPA Blueprints Matter?

Someone who does not know how to use a gun, a spear, or a trap does not set out on hunting. If he does, he would simply be a prey to whatever lives in the jungle. Preparation is the soul of a successful course of action. While intending to take CPA tests, it is best to get the necessary information and understand the style and model of the examination. That is why blueprints are provided by AICPA and CPA Review institutions, to help give insights about what to expect during the test and how best to solve it.

Why the Updates?

1. To know what to focus on, each session:

The yearly modifications of Exam Blueprints are to help students to know the things to focus on during study. The blueprints are a sort of layout plan that reveals the examination’s content. They provide an in-depth guide, revealing the things that you would be expected to do, based on its step-by-step approach of topics exposition and their possible applications.

2. It makes students versatile:

The repeated changes to the Exam Blueprints help to keep students up to date about the skills expected from a CPA as the economic and market trends set the pace. The exam focuses on testing higher-order cognitive skills. The Exam Blueprints show the skill level at which it is expected for you to be tested, pushing you to further find the relevance and the application to your prospective career as a CPA. The inclusion of new topics and the removal of some is proof that AICPA is set to provide time-relevant education to students as it applies to the immediate or global market.

3. Compliance to Federal Regulations:

Frequently, the CPA course and exam scopes are updated to show their relevance and compliance with federal laws and regulations. It is one of the reasons why Federal regulations and guidelines are included (and updated) in the reference section. Hence, with updated Blueprints, students are prepared for exam and made to understand the importance of being tested in accordance with the Federal Regulations as references.

Studying with CPA Exam Blueprint is a sure way to pass the exam. Even more, studying with updated Blueprints is an advantage of being timely with education and potential examination tasks.


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