Why Music can land you an A+ in all your courses​

It’s not your fault that you are stuck on page 12 in your textbooks or lecture material. Maybe you have been reading the same page for about an hour now. Now you are curious about how music can land you
an A+ in your courses, aren’t you? Your GPA probably needs that boost badly, or you need to excel in your next paper or you’re toast.
The whole process of studying for long hours can be draining.

Whichever course you need to study for, there are times where one can easily drift off from an efficient
learning process. I know how that feels, but guess what? Music can actually tweak your effectiveness in

Sounds great right?

I can imagine how music lovers would feel about this. For those who can’t go a day without music, I
imagine them jumping right about now!

If you dwell more on facts and less hypothesis, then know that an amount of research has been
undertaken into the music – learning relationship. A great example can be found in this research article
which published results from a series of experiments. There was a thorough investigation to access the
relationship between the playing of background music especially while performing various tasks – even
repetitive work. The studies prove that music is effective in raising efficiency even when in competition
with the unfavorable conditions

Additionally, the results of the research give strong support to the contention that economic benefits can
accrue from the use of music in the industry. Such a potent tool, isn’t it?

In all, it is a fact that background music increases productivity in whichever process, be it a gym work out
or grounds for your grades to work out. (Sorry, bad joke)

Here’s how Music will land you that great grade you have been crying for:

Use Music to Recharge Yourself
Like Energizer rechargeable batteries, we all need to be plugged in on charge so that we give out efficient
results. As humans, one of the best ways to recharge is to get adequate sleep time. Students are the
worst when it comes to healthy sleep. With a distorted sleep pattern, it’s hard to be on full charge
thereby affecting productivity throughout the day.

Music has been proven to reduce sympathetic nervous system activity, decrease anxiety, blood pressure,
heart and respiratory rate and also have positive effects on sleep via muscle relaxation and distraction
from thoughts. This means that depression, tiredness, and fatigue which are strong reasons for low
quality sleep can be tackled with music.

So why don’t you try it before you actually open up your large textbooks to study?

Focus, Focus, and Focus
How does performing another task keep you more focused on your original one, its strange right?

Logically, it doesn’t add up, but then again not everything adds up. Like similar studies, this Jon Hopkins
study shows that music works magic with a whole bunch of creative and reflection activities. – Writing,
journaling, goal setting, brainstorming, and any activity that involves goal setting.

If you are trying to stay focused, it is, therefore, advisable to plug in your Ear Pods and press shuffle!

Music makes you smarter
Music doesn’t only make you lose control, it also makes you smarter. Well, have you ever heard of the
Mozart Effect?

Don Campbell once wrote a book titled the Mozart effect and it has tagged as bringing light on all the
beneficial effects of certain type of music. Recently, scientists from Stanford University revealed a
molecular basis to prove him right.

Some of the benefits listed in line to make you smarter include; Reduction of errors, calming
hyperactivity, heal the body faster, improves clarity and creativity, integration of both sides of the brain
for more efficiency and a University of California’s point on music raising IQ scores by 9 points.

At this point, I’m sure you have your favorite music already on cue for your next study session. I bet you
already feel smarter. Before you leave, here’s one last reason why Music can land you that A+

Boost your memory!
Remember that one time in the exam hall where you know you have studied on a particular topic but
you just can’t seem to produce answers? Or maybe it wasn’t just a onetime thing; maybe it’s happened
since Kindergarten… or crèche?

Anyways, the fact of the matter is we all need improved memories to produce better results in
examination halls. You would be surprised the number of test scores you could have aced if only your
memory was A1. Well, it’s not too late, is it?

Anne Blood from McGill University in Montreal conducted a study that discovered evidence on how one
can activate different parts of the brain depending on the type of music listened to. In no time, we would
all be able to create playlists with your favorite music that has been scientifically proven to help you Ace
your tests!

Authors Profile:  Manny Obeng is a Ghanaian raised writer with high hopes that his written work would
serve its quota in making a world a better place, especially in Africa. With his love for creating written content, he regularly writes when he’s not working with his team – Team Exhort on job posting sites for employers 



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