10 Common Mistakes During UPSC Exams

One single mistake can completely break your dream of becoming an “IAS” officer. Preparation for UPSC requires hard core dedication as well as following smart approach. No matter what is your academic background, every candidate is capable of cracking this most prestigious exam in the county. Have a look at some of the common mistakes made by the aspirants while preparing for civil services.

1.Focusing on cramming and static content

Gone are the days when the questions asked where straightforward and cramming would suffice. As per the latest pattern all the questions are dynamic in nature and focus on the application part of the concept or the theory. So, rather than cramming up the things, go for funda and concept clearing.

2. Selection of Optional subject

There is a common tradition for selecting the subject which is more scoring or compliments with the GS or which is recommended by the successful aspirants. This process may result in disastrous results. Suppose you have a mathematics background and have a good grasp over its concepts, then choosing history or other theoretical subject may turn all the cards against you. Choose the subject which interests you and you can continue studying it without looking at the clock.

3. Underestimating NCERT

NCERT forms the basis of all the subjects offered in UPSC. Skipping NCERT and moving on straight to the professional books can take you back to square one. NCERT forms the basis and foundation concepts of all the subjects and gives a clear vision of the syllabus.

4.Reading the newspaper effectively

Do not devote more than 1 hour daily for reading the newspaper. Make notes side by side. Follow one newspaper as per your comfort level. The best ones as recommended by the professionals are “The Hindu” and “The Times of India”. Read each and every section of the newspaper and lay extra focus on the place, event and names of the individuals involved

5.Poor Time Management

No one can better decide the timetable, than you can. It totally depends on your potential to study for either 10 hours or 14 hours a day. People with good grasping power can do the work in less time than time taken by other students. Make a time table and strictly follow that.

6.Starting the preparation late

Usually the best time to prepare for UPSC exam is after graduation but you can also start preparing while in the final Year. The more time you devote, bright are your chances to crack the exam. In case you decide late, you must have at least six months time to prepare.

7.Mock Tests

Enrolling for mock tests is a part of your preparation, don’t neglect it. Even if you are doing self study, mock tests help you keep and track your progress. Speed and accuracy is what that matters in prelims and mock tests help you achieve that.

8.Taking up new subjects closer to the exam

This is the most gravest mistake made by the aspirants. Never ever start with a new topic near to the exam. It will not only eat up your revision time but will add extra burden to your schedule.

9.Not considering the importance of mains and interview

Prelims is just the round one. For getting good rank and cadre, you need to work equally on mains and your interview selection process as well. Start the preparation alongside of prelims. Improve your writing skills and focus on opinion building.

10.Not Prioritizing your work

Keeping heavier subjects for the end of the day may let frustration buildup. You are mentally tired at the end of the day. So, keep lighter subjects for the second half and heavier subjects (which require more concentration) at the start of your schedule.

Avoid these common mistakes and do the revision properly. Remember revision is the key to success. Stay positive and stay focused, everything will fall in place. Good Luck for your preparation.



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