What is the difference between CBSE UGC NET and CSIR UGC NET?

Are you thinking about UGC NET 2018-2019? If so, you are in the right place at the right time The GBSE UGC NET exam and the CSIR NET Dec exam are awesome opportunities that you can take advantage of right away if you want to advance in your academic life. The GBSE UGC NET and the CSIR NET are the things we are going to talk about here. We will give you the information you need to understand the differences that these exams have, and you will have a better understanding of them.



UGC NET is only granted to Indian nationals who are looking for entering any university or college in this nation to get the JRF or an admission to these institutions. The exam has been designed to truly ensure the minimum standards for any student to enter the research and teaching profession in India. The NTA, National Testing Agency, will work hard to conduct this test, and they will do it on behalf of the famous UGC, or University Grants Commission.

The NTA is not currently conducting this test but they will do so at the end of the year The GBSE UGC NET exam will be conducted twice per year, and participants will be able to do it twice a year. Those who pass the exam, according to the UGC, will enjoy lucrative jobs in the important PSUs. They can become executives in these organizations.


The CSIR NET Dec Exam is an Indian exam that will allow participants to lecture and research in Indian universities. But they should be at least bachelor’s degree holders. Participants will be able to take this exam twice a year. They will work hard with scientists and faculty members so they can truly resolve problems in their respective fields. You have to be a bonafide Indian citizen to be able to take this exam. You will get a stipend for the important JF for your first two years of work.

There are also some terms of conditions that you have to follow. You can receive an upgrade if you are registered for the famous PhD. and have completed your first two years as the important JRF. But you will also get more increases in terms of stipend as time passes by, and that is truly something awesome for you.


The GBSE UGC NET exam and the CSIR NET Dec exam will allow you to take your academic life to a new level. Well, they have some difference that you have to take into consideration at all times. The GBSE UGC NET exam will truly allow you to lecture and research at an Indian university, and you do not have to hold a degree. Well, the CSIR NET Dec exam will require you to have a degree to get a position. These are the exams that you can take your take your academic life to a new level too.


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